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Ready to volunteer to improve the lives of New York City’s most vulnerable youth? 

There are many ways you can help.


Emergency Housing Volunteer

3 month commitment in Harlem and Brooklyn

Ali Forney Center serves over 378,000 meals annually. We provide clients with three nutritious meals per day. Volunteer opportunities to support our emergency housing meal programs are available at many of our sites. Volunteers are welcome 7 days a week. Additional responsibilities may be assigned to emergency housing volunteers based on volunteer interest and the needs of the house.

Once completed, we will contact you to:

  • Complete some background check forms 

  • Interview 

  • Attend a two-hour Standard of Care training 


Group Volunteer

Corporate Groups play a significant role in our volunteer program. There are opportunities for corporate groups to support our client events, field days, field trips, beautification days, and more. AFC hosts four special events for clients each year which include our Spring Talent Show, Summer Prom, Fall Ball, and Winter Holiday Carnival. Volunteers are instrumental in helping in decorating, preparing, and serving food, assisting youth with costumes, setting up games, securing items as prizes for clients, and with cleanup. Volunteer Groups also host field trips for clients, supervised and supported by staff. There are also opportunities for corporate volunteer groups to sponsor events for clients. 


Community and Faith-Based Groups are welcome and encouraged to join our volunteer program. Groups can help staff in creating a homelike environment for our clients. Groups can help with beautification days, meal service, holiday and gift card drive, and many other ways. 


Student Groups can help us access resources in the larger community by hosting fundraisers or donation drives for much needed items, or by helping to promote and attending our community rallies. 

If you’re interested in group volunteering, email Steve Cruz at

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