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Welcome to AFC 360, the Ali Forney Center’s monthly membership club! Our monthly donors are pivotal to our organization’s goals because their consistent support means they become investors in the work we do. 

Why do monthly memberships matter? 

Monthly donations serve as a reliable form of income for our organization, meaning we can count on your support when budgeting for upcoming projects, programs, and resource expansions. 

An AFC 360 membership is a partnership with the Ali Forney Center. Over time, our members deepen their connection to the work being done at AFC and together we strive to create the greatest possible impact on young folx in need. 

Why 360?

The support garnered from our monthly membership club allows us to provide 360 degrees of care to our youth in need — ranging from meeting physical and emotional needs, to preparing young folx for the future. Through an involvement with AFC 360, you would directly contribute to providing LBGTQ+ youth with: 


Safe Shelter: Your donations provide a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ youth who are experiencing homelessness, ensuring they have  a roof over their heads and a supportive environment to heal and grow.


Health and Wellness Services: Your contribution supports critical health services, such as medical care and HIV testing and treatment, giving our youth the care they need to live healthy lives. 


Access to Mental Health Services: Your continued support enables us to offer counseling and therapy sessions, helping our youth cope with trauma and develop resilience. 


Educational Opportunities: Through your generosity, we can provide educational assistance, job training, and life skills workshops – empowering young people to a brighter future. 

Safety Circle

The Safety Circle includes all monthly gifts between $1.00 - $84.99. Like the name implies, these valuable contributions help ensure that all young people accessing our services have a safe place to land. Donations from the Safety Circle help us cover the cost of meals, hot showers, medical treatments, and other essential services. The safety of our youth has always been the Ali Forney Center’s top priority and members of our Safety Circle supply us with the consistent support necessary to achieve this goal. 


  • AFC 360 Welcome Card & Sticker

  • Birthday Card

  • ​​AFC Swag on Your Membership Anniversary beginning in 2024

  • Exclusive Invitations to Webinar Events 

  • Feeling Good 

For more information about AFC 360, please contact Asra Ahmed, Individual Giving Coordinator, at

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