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Our People


Leadership & Staff

Alexander Roque.JPEG

Alexander Roque

President and Executive Director

(212) 206-9349

Beth Wolff.JPG

Beth Wolff

Senior Director of Medical
& Mental Health Services

(212) 222-3427 Ext 115

Cheryl Thompson.JPEG

Cheryl Thompson

Director of Overnight Program

(212) 222-3427 Ext 213

Erika Usui.JPG

Erika Usui

Director of Program Evaluation, Contract Management & Compliance

(212) 222-3427 Ext 101

Kim Rajamani.JPG

Kim Rajamani

Social Media
(212) 222-3427

Naz Seenauth.JPEG

Naz Seenauth

Deputy Executive Director of Programs

(212) 222-3427 Ext 146

Sheraine Gregory.JPEG

Sheraine Gregory

Senior Director of Drop-In Programs

(212) 222-3427 Ext 134

Zachary Cohen.JPEG

Zachary Cohen

Director of Development

(212) 222-3427 Ext 322

Adebayo Abe.JPEG

Adebayo Abe

Director of Facilities

(212) 222-3427 Ext 318

Bill Torres.JPG

Bill Torres

Director of Support Services

(212) 222-3427 Ext 303

Brown, Deb.jpg

Deb Brown

Senior Major Gift Officer

(212) 222-3427

Kahmia Moise.JPEG

Kahmia Moise

Director of Administration

(212) 206-0574 Ext 209

Marcia Bernard.JPEG

Marcia Bernard

Deputy Executive Director of Operations

(212) 222-3427

Paul Clark.png

Paul Clark

Director of Corporate & Community Relations

(212) 222-3427 Ext 317

Steve Cruz.JPG

Steve Cruz

Strategic Giving Manager

(929) 578-2090


Carl Siciliano

Founder & National Model Replication Consultant

(212) 222-3427

Dahana Louis.JPEG

Dahana Louis

Senior Director of Transitional Housing

(212) 222-3427

Denisse Arcos.JPEG

Denisse Arcos

Assistant Director of Mental Health Services

(212) 222-3427 Ext 217

Kevin Borneo.JPG

Kevin Borneo

LEAP Program Director 

(212) 222-3427 Ext 142


Nadia Swanson

Model Replication Consultant

(212) 222-3427

Seyyed Naghavi.JPG

Seyyed Naghavi

Director of Finance

(212) 222-3427 Ext 307

Sue Lee.JPEG

Sue Lee

Assistant Director of Overnight Program

(212) 222-3427 Ext 204

Emerging Leaders Council

Current Opportunities

Since 2002, AFC has cared for, loved, and celebrated thousands of LGBTQ+ youths and provided them with the tools they need to live independently. Today’s AFC’s nearly 200 employees provide services for more LGBTQ+ youth than any other organization in the world. Our staff members are renowned for their extraordinary heart and dedication, consistently striving towards excellence, and love for the young people in our care. Join a dynamic group of change makers today!


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