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Fighting the Good Fight

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The fight for LGBTQ+ rights and representation has not been easy. Countless heroes and passionate individuals have sacrificed to allow us the freedoms we experience today. The Ali Forney Center is committed to keeping this fight going. 


Currently, LGBTQ+ youth are at risk. With 40% of homeless youth identifying with the community and over 500 of pieces anti-LGBTQ+ legislation being pushed throughout the nation, the fight to ensure that queer youth have access to bright, safe, and successful futures is far from over. We recognize that our youth are the future of Pride, and so we commit to investing in them. We commit to providing them with access to meals, safe shelter, medical and mental health services, and a loving and accepting community intent on seeing them flourish.


This Pride, we ask you to help us. We ask for your support in uplifting LGBTQ+ youth, celebrating their successes, and to join us in fighting the good fight. 


The harder we fight, the brighter their futures. 

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