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Founder’s Corner


A Long Way From Home

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Carl Siciliano, who founded the Ali Forney Center in 2002 and helped build it up to what it’s become today, hosts the podcast “A Long Way from Home.” The podcast is dedicated to exploring how LGBTQ+ people experience exile and displacement. This exploration will take in the personal, political, and spiritual dimensions of homelessness. While the podcast is centered on the experiences of young people who experience family rejection and homelessness, it also examines intersecting modes of how we experience exile and displacement in the broader queer community and the ways we achieve healing, empowerment, and community.

Listen to episodes below where Carl is joined by guests, including persons who have experienced homelessness; activists fighting in the realms of homeless, transgender, queer, and racial justice work; journalists, artists, and spiritual leaders.

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Credits: A Long Way From Home theme song is sung by David Raleigh, Instrumental by Rami Ramirez

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