Outreach Program

The AFC Outreach Program provides supportive services, and educational programming to homeless, runaway, street-based and at-risk LGBTQ youth ages 16-24. The Outreach Program delivers services across the five boroughs on the streets and in community based organizations.

Our Peer Outreach Educator program is a paid internship for LGBT homeless youth in our programs, giving these young people valuable work experience while easily engaging with street homeless youth and informing them of AFC’s continuum of services.

Mobile Outreach

The AFC Mobile Outreach program operates out of a van, providing services and delivering supplies to LGBTQ homeless and street-based youth in the evenings and on the weekends throughout the five boroughs.

Through this program, we offer:

In addition to services, our mobile outreach program delivers supplies and sustenance to keep LGBTQ young people on the street safe, healthy and warm, including:

Street-based Outreach

The Street-Based Outreach program engages LGBTQ homeless, street-based and runaway youth throughout the five boroughs. The Street Outreach program distributes safer-sex supplies, offers harm-reduction focused HIV/STI prevention information, delivers food and provides referrals to our Drop-in Center and other programs and services.​ 

Community-based Outreach

Our Community-Based Outreach program trains schools, community centers, religious organizations, and other entities that work with LGBTQ youth to ensure that they are providing LGBTQ sensitive care and to increase cultural competence among these providers. This program collaborates with other organizations on best practices and services for this population and participates in several coalitions addressing the needs of homeless, runaway, and street-based youth – representing the unique struggles of LGBTQ young people.​ 

Peer Outreach Educator Internship

Our Peer Outreach Educator Internship offers an opportunity for AFC clients to support their peers while creating their own work history. Because these youth have themselves once been homeless, they can quickly develop trust and a rapport with other homeless LGBTQ youth. Our Peer Educators inform LGBTQ homeless youth on safer sex practices, coach them on how to reduce HIV/STI transmission, and much more.

Before beginning their internship, Peer Educators participate in an intensive, week-long training to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle whatever situation may arise in the outreach. Upon completion of the internship, Peer Educators are paid a stipend.