Programs/Resources for Trans Clients

programs/resources for trans clients

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Through our ongoing partnership with the Institute for Family Health we offer hormone treatment to our transfeminine and transmasculine and gender non-conforming clients via our on-site medical clinic. In conjunction with our transgender housing program, this is a vital resource for our transgender clients who are seeking hormone replacement therapy. Many of our clients are obtaining hormones through unsafe methods on the streets or are on lengthy waitlists to begin hormones at other clinics. The Institute works with AFC to ensure that clients obtain hormones in the safest and least expensive fashion.

Transgender Housing Program:

In the fall of 2015, we opened AFC's first transgender housing program. This 18-bed housing program is located in a safe Brooklyn neighborhood, and provides stabilizing housing for AFC transfemale and transmasculine clients age 16-20 for up to 18 months. This program addresses the specific concrete and emotional needs of our trans clients in a safe, affirming environment. We help connect these clients to the resources needed to become secure, independent adults.


Why is there a separate wish list for transgender clients? Many people are unaware that the kinds of items found on this list are necessities for transgender people. Items which may be luxuries or unfamiliar to cisgender people can be essential to trans people's self-perception or to aid in being gendered correctly during school, work, job interviews, or just while out in the world. Our transgender clients appreciate your support!


other resources

(Not affiliated with AFC)

legal services:

Urban Justice Center (on-site clinic at Ali Forney Center) 
Sylvia Rivera Law Project 


Ali Forney Center - LEAP Program
HRC Rankings (safe employers)

support and community:

Gender Identity project at The LGBT Center 
Brooklyn Pride LGBT Center

Trans Lifeline


CLICK HERE for NYC-Metro Area Transgender & Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources. (Provided by, Callen Lorde)