We Cannot Close: We Are [Their] Home

To Our Community,

With the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many service organizations are understandably making the difficult decision to temporarily suspend their onsite services.

This is not possible for the Ali Forney Center. We cannot close and ask our clients to call from home. We are their home. For LGBTQ youth experiencing the terrors of homelessness, we are their first responders. And now they need us more than ever.

In such a time of fear, we have to stand firm and keep our doors open. We are taking every step possible to protect our youths and staff and limit exposure, suspending outside groups and volunteers from visiting our sites, and making arrangements for staff, reorganizing our programs so youths need not travel between our many sites for their services, establishing quarantine zones in all our sites in case any of our youths become sick or exposed.

Many of our youths and staff are understandably frightened. But despite our fear, we must be there for each other. Every single day we must be here for our young people and, we hope that you will be here for us too and support in any way you can.

Visit links below to make a donation or to learn about other ways you can help our homeless youths during this time. 

With gratitude, 

Alexander Roque 
President and Executive Director