Help Homeless LGBT Youth Share in the Victory of Love

Help Homeless LGBT Youth Share in the Victory of Love

On this day of great joy for the LGBT community I ask you to help homeless LGBT youth join in the celebration.

It is tremendous what we have achieved; how so many of us joined our strengths, talents and resources to finally arrive at this day when our love is at last recognized as equal under the law.

Now it is time to turn our attention to the most vulnerable of our community, our homeless LGBT youths.

We still live in a very divided society. Too many of our youths are bullied and rejected in their homes. Hundreds of thousands of LGBT teens are forced into homelessness because of families who are unable to love them.

The Ali Forney Center is the nation's largest, most comprehensive organization dedicated to homeless LGBT youths. Over 1,000 youths a year flock to us for help from across the country. We provide housing, medical care, food and clothing, job training and educational assistance. We provide safe, loving and affirming homes to youths who have faced the worst rejection and suffering imaginable. We help heal their wounds and give them the tools they need to become proud LGBT adults.

Today love has triumphed! With your support we can help youths who have been so cruelly denied love share in our victory. Please consider making a contribution to our good work. And please join with us in our efforts to ensure that every LGBT youth has a place to call home.

Thank you.

Carl Siciliano 
Executive Director 
Ali Forney Center