SHWN, 23

I grew up in Jamaica. When I was 6 I tried to shape my eyebrows. My father beat me up and punished me by not allowing me to go on a trip to the beach.
When I was 19, my family started to find out that I was gay. I felt that I disgraced and dishonored them. They look down on homosexuality, said that it was a sin and that I would go to hell. When my grandmother told my father about me, he was spitting and saying he was disgusted. I felt really bad.
I decided to leave Jamaica because of all the stigma, brutality, discrimination that happens to gay people there. I had a friend who was so small, skinny, feminine. He was walking with a friend and some guys thought he looked gay. They beat on them and stomped on them. They punctured his lungs. He was on life support for a few days and had to pee in a bag.
I'm working on getting a green card. I hope to get a work permit by this summer. I'm planning to be a phlebotomist. I want to get a house up here, and a house in Jamaica for my mother.