Growing up was very lonely. People say you are lucky to grow up with both your parents. But my parents were both working two jobs. And I was mostly by myself, and lonely.

My father realized I was gay when he saw me in the street with my boyfriend. We were being flirtatious. I looked up and saw my father's car. When I got home we talked about it for three hours. At the end he said he no longer had a son, that his son was dead.

When I was faced with homelessness, it was very scary. I felt very, very alone. I got depressed. Me being a person who loved my family, it made me ask: Do I have a family? Does anyone care about me? Will anyone help me? There was a lot of crying.

I was much too scared to stay at the men's shelter. Even when I found about about an LGBT shelter, I was so nervous that I stood outside for an hour, trying to work up my nerve to knock on the door. I had to call a friend in Atlanta. He talked me through it.

Right now I'm working packing boxes at a printing company. In April I'm taking the test to be a subway conductor. That has been my dream since I was a child, to be a subway conductor.