I stayed at an adult women's shelter. It was creepy. Some of the staff were ok, but some would pick on you. One day a pimp was hanging outside the shelter and he tried to recruit me. I didn't feel comfortable at all there, there weren't people like me. The reason I decided to leave was because I couldn't deal with the bullying anymore.

So in September I had to start sleeping in the streets. The first night I slept on a bench in Columbus Circle. When I layed down there I cried. I was so scared. Finally I fell asleep. I also slept in the subway station at 42nd Street, and at the one on West 4th Street. I was lucky nobody bothered me.

Now I'm hoping to get a bed in a shelter for LGBT youth. It's getting cold - we don't have a place to go. We belong in the world too. We are human beings.

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