The Ali Forney Center Services

AFC is the nation's largest and most comprehensive organization dedicated to homeless LGBTQ youth. Our goal is to provide homeless LGBTQ youths, aged 16-24, with the support and services they need to escape the streets and begin to live healthy and independent lives. We offer an innovative continuum of services which include the following programs:

Ali Forney Day Center

The AFC Day Center in the Harlem section of Manhattan is the entry point to our programs for homeless youths. There we offer street outreach, case management, primary medical care, HIV testing, mental health assessment and treatment, food and showers, an employment assistance program, and referral to our housing programs as well as psychiatry and workshops on issues facing homeless LGBTQ youth to providers. If you are seeking assistance please contact us at: 212.206.0574.

AFC Emergency Housing Program

AFC offers a scattered-site emergency housing program with sites in Queens and Brooklyn. We offer temporary housing in safe, staff-supervised homelike apartments. LGBTQ youths are able to reside in our emergency housing program for up to six months while we assist them in moving on to more permanent housing. Currently AFC has 4 emergency housing apartments and a total of 49 beds.

AFC Transitional Housing

The Transitional Housing Program currently offers housing to 40 youth in 6 scattered sites in Brooklyn. The residents are able to live in our transitional housing program for up to two years, while we assist them in maintaining employment and in continuing their education. We place a great deal of emphasis on preparing residents to live independently.  Our goal is that our residents, upon graduation from this program, will move on to their own apartments.

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